Many home sellers lose out on this profitable period of home selling because they are unaware and are not ready to take advantage of this boom period.

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    The onset of winter is not just the time for enjoying pumpkin spice latte, sporting cozy knits, and enjoying a snowy wonderland; it is also the ideal time to prepare your home for a profitable sale.

    Many home sellers lose out on this profitable period of home selling because they are unaware and are not ready to take advantage of this boom period. During this period, the inventory or the number of houses for sale is on the lower side. A forward-thinking home seller can take advantage of this and manage to get a good value for his home. Many home buyers are busy searching for a new house with plans of celebrating Christmas and other year-end festivities in their new home. But the assured sale can happen only when you have winter-proofed the house for sale.

    So what are those essential things that you can do to prepare your house for sale during winters?

    Some Essential Things That You Must Do During Late September: September is considered the right time of the year to get all the exterior repairs and improvements done because of the pleasant weather conditions. You would feel comfortable while working. Though make sure not to overspend. Keep in mind that you are doing this to attract more prospective buyers.

    #1 Trim or cut overgrown tree branches adjacent to your house:

    You must cut down the overgrown branches of the trees that lean close to your house roof, or else they might get tangled with the electrical lines and cables. By trimming the branches, you would be able to prevent accidents during strong cold winds and also keep the roof protected from getting damaged. You do not want to waste precious house selling period carrying out roof repairs. Being proactive is the key.

    #2 Inspect the wooden fixtures and exteriors of your house:

    Inspect the wooden fixtures and exteriors of your house

    You must examine the deck region and monitor the condition of the deck. You can even get the help of a professional to carry out the inspection. A slight split in the deck would be a sign that insects would be breeding in the corner and would gradually damage the area. If you are not fixing this issue before winter, then the moisture of the ice or melted snow would damage the deck completely, and the damage would be beyond repair. Which results in fewer offers for the house. Hence it is recommended that if you find any issues with the deck, get professional help and fix the damage before winter sets in. Inspect the deck floor, railings, stairs, and other essential features too.

    Essential Things That You Must Do During Early October

    During October, you would feel that the summer heat is no longer causing any problems. This is the right time to get the roofs, and other areas of the house inspected. Most prospective home buyers are going to request a home inspection report or have one carried out themselves. Either way, it is better to be one step ahead and make sure that there are no issues that can delay the sale in any manner.

    #3 Examine the condition of the roof:

    check thoroughly for any damages such as the broken shingles, damaged flashing, weakening of the roof foundation, and various other roofing-related issues. If the damage caused is excessive, then you must consult a professional and get it fixed immediately. Remember, a weak or severely damaged roof is a deal-breaker. It is also hazardous for your family too as long as you live in that house.

    #4 The roof gutters must not pose any water leakage issues:

    Once you have finished the inspection of the roof, you must also examine the condition of the gutters. Check whether they are in good shape or not. If there are any signs of water leakage, you can get it corrected before listing your house for sale. For water leakage, you can even check the areas around the flashing and skylight or if there are cracks around the pipe. Water damage can lead to significantly lower counter offers on the asking price.

    #5 You should check the attic region as well:

    The attic region of the house provides insulation and regulates the utility bills of the house. If the attic region experiences any sort of water leaks or cracks, it will impact the insulation of the house. So it is better to get the attic area examined and repaired rather than haggling with prospective buyers. Plus, as long as you live there, your heating expenses will also be in check.

    #6 Inspection of the downspouts:

    Sometimes, it might happen that water is getting drained to the ground level through the gutters. But if the downspouts are damaged or cracked, then it will block the free flow of this wastewater. This will lead to other damages, such as exterior wall damage, issues to the foundation, etc. All of which will ultimately impact your asking price. So, try to keep the gutters in a good condition.

    As October passes by, you should focus on several things to prepare your house.

    #7 Keep the pathways well-illuminated:

    During mid-October, the sunsets early; hence it is better to keep the pathways around the house perfectly illuminated. You can make use of lamp posts or some modern lights. This will ensure your safety during dark hours and also give an enhanced look to the house. So, when prospective home buyers arrive for the house tour, your house will have a warm and inviting appeal to it.

    #8 Improve the garden areas:

    Improve the garden areas

    During winters, the melted snow might get accumulated in the form of puddles and cause damage to the nearby plants. Moreover, it will also become a breeding ground for the insects that might enter your house. So cover up all the puddles and clean the lawn areas. You do not want a messy front lawn or yard to put off any prospective home buyers. Sprucing up your garden adds value to your home. A beautiful garden is on the checklist for many home buyers.

    #9 Apply a fresh coat of paint to the fencing:

    Whether you have wooden fencing or metal fencing, it is required for you to keep them clean and well-maintained. You can use either varnish or wooden polish to coat the wooden fences so that during winter, the moisture does not enter the cracks and cause internal damage. You can even get the fence painted professionally. If you have metal fencing, then get them cleaned and painted with a rust-resistant primer. Make sure you choose a pleasant neutral color to make it appealing to as many buyers as possible.

    #10 Fix the doors and windows and apply a fresh coat of paint:

    During winter, the weather is extremely stormy and may cause hailstorms. The hails may cause damage to the doors and windows. So it is better to get the doors and windows inspected and if they are not in good shape, get them repaired. You want to make sure that your home looks sturdy and safe to reliable to the home buyers and doors and windows are one of the first parts of a house that draws attention.

    #11 Inspect the siding and get it repaired:

    The siding of the house is considered the most essential aspect of the house that focuses on keeping the house protected during all seasons. It is also essential for having a good curb appeal. But if the siding is not in good condition, it won’t be able to function effectively. So carry out the necessary repair and upkeep of the sidings too. As the prospective buyers approach your home, they should feel drawn towards your home.

    #12 You must have a snowblower:

    Winters mean that it would bring lots of snow. To keep the roofs, pathways clean, you need to remove the snow regularly. So you should have a snowblower. There is no point in carrying out all these repairs and improvements, only for it to be covered by inches of snow when the buyers arrive for a house tour.

    #13 Inspect the condition of the HVAC system:

    You want to be all cozy and warm during winter, inspect the HVAC systems and get them fixed if there are any issues before winter strikes.

    #14 Get your house fireplace cleaned:

    If you haven’t used the fireplace for long, it would have become dirty and dingy. Make sure that you are getting it cleaned by a professional because they will know how to remove the soot and burn marks from the fireplace. During winter sale a beautiful working fireplace is a major attraction.

    #15 Make sure all the pipes are insulated:

    When you have pipes that run along the walls of the house or across the unheated area, then you must understand that during winters these pipes can freeze and cause potential hazards. So it is necessary to insulate the pipes before winter arrives. You do not want all your planning and preparation for sale undone by a burst pipe and waterlogging.


    These are some of the most important things that you must consider while you are planning to prepare your house for sale during winters.

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