Your house is probably your biggest investment, so when you get ready to sell your house you would be looking forward to a good profit after sale.

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    Your house is probably your biggest investment, so when you get ready to sell your house you would be looking forward to a good profit after sale. But after years of purchasing a new house, it starts to look dull and dingy due to the damages and poor maintenance. Do you think home buyers would be paying a good amount for a dull and dingy house? Well, not. For that, you need to focus on improving the value of the house. Here are 20 expert tips, which will help you increase the worth of your house within a short period.


    #1 Declutter Your House:


    The very first thing that you need to do is to remove all your belongings from the house. Items such as photo frames, personal furniture, and home decor items from all the rooms should be removed.


    #2 Get Your House Interior Inspected By The Professionals:


    The professionals would inspect the ceilings, walls, doors, windows and analyze whether there are any damages caused due to water, such as water stains, cracks, and moss growth. The professional would also get all the damages fixed and make your house interior look clean, bright, and new.


    #3 Get Your House Roof/Siding Inspected And By Professionals:


    Although the roofs and siding are quite sturdy, it is essential to get them inspected and keep them well maintained to increase the value of the house. Missing shingles, broken flashing, inefficient roof vents, damaged/chipped siding would decrease the value of the property and not increase it. So you need to get help from professionals and fix all the issues.


    #4 Replacing The Roof Shingles:


    Even after covering up all the repairs and damages, if you think that the roof looks dull and unwelcoming, then you can replace the old shingles with new ones. It will enhance the curb appeal and value of the house. New shingles will not have any water leaks or mold growth issues.


    #5 Improving The Look Of The Siding:


    You have to get the siding inspected and cleaned. But to enhance the look and value of the house, you can apply a fresh coat of paint and polish it. The shine imparted by the siding will increase the worth of the house.


    #6 Paint The Doors And Windows:


    A fresh coat of paint on the doors and windows will make the rooms look extremely clean, beautiful, and appealing.


    #7 Clean The Garden Area:

    Clean The Garden Area

    Garden is the first thing that the visitors will notice while entering your house. So you must trim all the overgrown grass, level the soil. It will make the area look clean and welcoming.


    #8 Decorate The Garden And Nearby Pavement:


    You can plant fresh flower saplings to decorate the pavement area and the corners of the garden to make it more appealing.


    #9 Have You Thought About Installing New Lighting?


    It is not necessary that the home buyers would only come during the daytime. If they schedule the house tours in the evening, then the lighting would make your house look beautiful.


    #10 Remodeling of The Kitchen:


    None of the homebuyers would like to buy a house that has a dull and dingy-looking kitchen. Although you clean it every day, the luster and look of a remodeled kitchen are completely different. You can replace the kitchen countertops and cabinets to give a fresh look to the kitchen.


    #11 Inspect The Home Appliances:


    The electric home appliances include the kitchen appliances and HVAC system. You would not like to offer appliances that are dirty, have faulty wires, and are damaged. So get it fixed by the professionals. If you think that replacing the old appliances won’t be expensive, then you must get them replaced.


    #12 Fix The Faulty Wiring:

    Fix The Faulty Wiring

    Besides the inspection of the roofs, siding, and house interior, you must not forget to check the electrical wiring of the entire house. If you fail to examine the wires, then the house is vulnerable to major accidents. Besides, it will also help you to increase the value of your house.


    #13 Increase The Value Of The House By Increasing The Area Of The House:


    You can clean the unused areas of the house such as the basement, cellar, and attic and turn them into beautiful rooms. Extra rooms mean you can increase the value of the house.


    #14 Upgrade The Bathrooms:


    Bathrooms might look small if you keep them filled with unnecessary things. Make sure you are decluttering the bathrooms to make them look spacious. If you have multiple bathrooms, you can do the same for every bathroom.


    #15 Change The Flooring:


    When you have been living in the house for more than 10 or 15 years, the floors might have become weak and inefficient. Changing the flooring can help you to increase the value of the house.


    #16 Replace The Old Carpet With New Ones:


    The old, torn, stained, and uncleaned rugs or carpets would destroy the look of the living areas. Such carpets and rugs would turn off the buyers. So you can replace the rugs and carpets to increase the value of the house.


    #17 Improve The Deck Area:


    If you have a deck, then you must get it inspected for strength and durability. Apply a fresh coat of paint or remodel it to increase the value of the house.


    #18 Cleaning And Upgrading The Fireplace:


    The fireplace is considered one of the most attractive spots of a house. Ensure that you are hiring a professional to clean the soot and ash from the fireplace and upgrade it to make it look fresh.


    #19 Upgrade The Attic Insulation:


    Having an insulated house will help you regulate the utility bills and make the house energy efficient. To increase the value of the house, you can upgrade the attic insulation.


    #20 Add Some Smart Technology To Upgrade The House:


    You can add some smart technology in the house, such as a smoke alarm and security alarm, and increase the value of the house.

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