Are you an Arizona homeowner? Are you looking forward to getting your house sold? Do you wish to sell your hour all by yourself?

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    Are you an Arizona homeowner? Are you looking forward to getting your house sold? Do you wish to sell your hour all by yourself? If it is a yes for all these questions, then continue reading. Although, it is a known fact that selling a house is not at all easy. You have many things to cover within a small amount of time. It is somewhat exciting as well as daunting. But you can do it on your own. You do not always need a real estate agent to complete all the formalities or find a buyer or negotiate the prices. You have been living in your house/property for a long time and are aware of all the perks and unique details that can woo prospective homebuyers. You can even use your personal touch to connect with prospective homebuyers and get the best deal for yourself.


    Before you start having second thoughts, you must understand the benefits of selling a house in Arizona by yourself. Generally, homes that are sold by the owners directly tend to have more demand when compared to those where real estate agents are involved. This is because the buyers who would look forward to buying your house would get all the necessary details from the person living in the house rather than a real estate agent. Apart from this, you would not have to make any payments to the real estate agent for their services. The profit you would receive from the house sale would belong to you alone.


    Now let’s understand the details of how to sell a house in Arizona without a real estate agent.


    #1 Prepare Your House For Selling:


    Wherever you are in Arizona, the first thing you must focus on is preparing the house for sale. You must declutter your property by removing all your belongings. Get the house inspected and carry out all the required home-improvement work, which includes checking all electrical appliances, fixing faulty wirings, plumbing, roof maintenance, improving the look of the garden, applying a fresh coat of paint to all the doors, windows, renovating the kitchen area and other things that you might feel would improve the sale appeal of your house. You can hire professional cleaners to get all the small cleaning work performed meticulously.


    #2 The Listing Of The Property On The Property Portals:


    Once you think that your house looks perfect and it would be able to appeal to the prospective home buyers, then you must get started with the next process — getting the house listed on the real estate property portals. You must take high-resolution photographs of your house (exterior as well as interior). Ensure that you are taking pictures of every nook and corner of the house, all the rooms, kitchen, bathroom, attic, and garden area. If you have a large parking area, then you should consider including it as well.


    Make a list of authentic real estate property portals and websites. Check the reviews of these portals and decide which one to use.


    Prepare a complete description of the house, which should include the age of the house, number of rooms, bathrooms, square foot area of the house, the size of the parking, basement, garden, and any other important detail which you would like the potential home buyers to know. Don’t forget to add a high-quality picture of the house along with the asking price.


    #3 Understanding The Real Estate Market:

    Understanding The Real Estate Market

    Before you set the asking price of your house, you must get a good understanding of the real estate market status. Whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. If it is a seller’s market, you can have a high price for the house and get the best deals. However, if for some reason you are keen to sell the house in a buyer’s market, then you should consider lowering the asking price of the house by 2 to 3 percent, or else you won’t get good buyers.


    #4 Setting Up Open Houses:


    After getting your house listed on the property portals, you can organize open houses to attract the local home buyers and check whether they are interested in buying your house at the given price. It is a great way to attract buyers who are not using online property portals to find a new house for themselves.


    #5 Scheduling The House Tours:


    Giving house tours to prospective homebuyers all by yourself could be a little scary, but it is quite beneficial. It will help you to connect and build a strong rapport with the buyers. No one except you could better explain the uniqueness of your house to prospective homebuyers.


    #6 Working Out The Negotiation Process:


    This is the most important part of selling the house, which every homeowner is trying to dodge. But you cannot. For best negotiation, you must clearly understand the three most important things — the value of your house, the current real estate market status, and the requirements of the homebuyers. The buyers would definitely make a counteroffer but deal with the offer tactfully by letting them know the perks of buying your house.


    #7 Complete Of The Documentation:

    Complete Of The Documentation

    You must be ready with all the required documents, which are essential for the house selling process. You should also get in touch with the real estate offices to prepare all the sales documents within the stipulated time. You would need these documents during the transaction process.




    Now you know that selling a house by yourself in Arizona is not at all difficult. All you have to do is focus on following the right steps at the right time and, within 6 months you would be able to sell your house and obtain a great profit from the sale. Beware of the real estate market’s status as it keeps changing with time. So what you learned about the market today won’t be applicable after 6 to 7 months.

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